Create Untouchable Distance From Your Competition

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition in a world where it’s easier to follow—and copy, steal, and mimic—well-crafted messaging and personal brands from other successful leaders? Why be different when there is a playbook chock full of templates and best practices that will guarantee some amount of career success? Perhaps AI will do […]

Reinvent The Way You Approach Executive Job Searches

On February 10th, I got a promotion to father.  My son Noah Christopher entered the world. My beautiful wife, Mary—well, what can I say? My jaw remains agape at the raw God moment that we experienced. Her front-and-center role in creating a new life is a blessed miracle. My heart is full of gratitude. As […]

Develop Your Hidden Opportunity Pipeline

I have a confession to make. I have given up on figuring out what people think about the economy. The markets jumped 1500 points in two days—equivalent to people voluntarily stepping into a five-alarm fire, taking the elevator up, and locking the door behind them. I’m shifting gears away from speculative doom-saying to an authoritative […]

The Right Kind of Hunting To Find Hidden Opportunities

Congratulations. You’ve established yourself on top of the totem pole, where the air is crisp.  Admittedly, it’s been a real ass-kicker and occasionally a real ass-kisser getting there, but I digress.  You’re no stranger to hard work and competition—and odds are, you’ve earned it. You’ve been strategic, performed, and conveyed a list of accolades.  So […]