Cloaks, Masks, and Daggers

May is Mental Health Awareness Month; today is my most important article.  I am here to share my demons authentically and reach readers who may not have the conviction or platform to do so. Or maybe to help those with their own struggles that don’t witness how others navigate to survive. You are not alone. […]

How My Network Became My Lifeline

I know what you’re thinking—more eye-roll-inducing clickbait from your favorite Orwellian career protagonist.  Sure, my flair for drama and proclivity to sniff out corporate defecation and debauchery keeps many returning for more, much to my guileless chagrin. But today’s article is not clickbait.  I’m as serious as a heart attack. Or, in this case, Cystic […]

Lessons From An Upended Year

The hibernal solstice is once again upon those with the greatest of fortunes to experience and acknowledge its presence.  Last night in Montana, we endured negative 31-degree mercury. The appropriately named “once-in-a-generation” winter cold front represents the symbolic death and rebirth of the solstice.  We’re at the point of annual introspection and looking forward once […]