Silence Can Be Golden: Don’t Settle For Less Salary

“You should never be so sure of your worth that you wouldn’t accept more.” Read that two more times.  Let it sit. Write the quote on a sticky.  If you recognize the quote, that’s because it’s from best-selling author Chris Voss. His guide to negotiation has been on the top 20 Amazon most-sold list for […]

Elevating Negotiations With Emotional Intelligence

In my relentless pursuit to make the complexities of negotiation more grokkable for readers of Execs and the City — I’ll often spurn myself awake at 3:47 to jot notes about the epiphanies I have while sleeping.  Last night was one of those nights. Hey, I never claimed to have the most exciting life. My […]

Win Your Negotiation Before It Even Begins

Thump. Thump. Thump. That’s the sound of me pounding the drum that negotiation is not a single event but a process of influence, persuasion, behavioral psychology, critical communication, and best practice principles.  You may be interested to know that realizing more favorable career outcomes through calculated negotiation is possible and happens every day—with or without […]

Crafting Wins in Executive Compensation Talks

I’ve led 100s of negotiations for clients. Many with a 7+ figure delta (thanks to FAANG leaders and C-suite clientele). It’s clear from all that back-n-forth that this is still a truism: money is the universal language of perceived value. Money talks (and gets clicks). However, money is simply one negotiation factor. Negotiating time off, […]