The Psychology of the Executive Money Mindset

As I experience new and memorable life moments — such as watching Noah discover the world, traveling with my family for public speaking and client visits, or simply taking a fresh breath of the ocean breeze in Hanalei — I have started to see the world through a new lens.  Notably, my mindset regarding money […]

Embrace Your Execuitve Identity and Reject Groupthink

Please like me.  Call me naive—or tortured by my self-inflicted authoritarian defiance—but I suspect most people prefer the hard truth over ignorant bliss. An absurdly whimsical idea, I know. If you’re like me, you’re disgusted by the constant barrage and facade of how you’re supposed to act and be perceived. Especially as an executive subject […]

1 Simple Trick To Banish Anxiety

Is it just me, or is everyone more on edge than usual?  Political discourse or any challenging conversation where an opinion can be formed—even amongst friends—turns into walking on eggshells, stuttering, and praying to {REDACTED} that you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings or get canceled.  Perhaps I’m over-indexing as I am supporting a higher-than-usual client load […]

Aging Gracefully in a Tech-Driven World

I know what you’re thinking, “What the hell does this kid know about getting old?” Alright, hear ye hear ye. First of all, I don’t get along with anyone my age. A significant majority of my friends are twice my age. I’ve always worked primarily with executives in their late forties to early sixties. Toss […]