How To Turn Desperation Into Admiration

Occasionally I find myself working with bloodthirsty self-promoting ladder climbers. You know the type.  These vultures clamber at every opportunity to brown up their noses.  They push for promotions they have yet to earn after roughly three weeks of working (versus talking about working all day on LinkedIn).  They’re quick to pontificate about business 101 […]

Control Your Narrative, Command Your Career

Here’s an eye-opening statement for many. Nobody understands your career quite as you do. Well, duh.  Your career is very personal and isolated to you. So how are others supposed to know that you’re the real deal—and that you’re not another one of those inflated-title, ego-centric clowns?  Your success, challenges, and skills are generally hidden […]

Ways Rhetoric Can Elevate Your Leadership

You know what’s become a dirty word? Rhetoric. It’s easy to see why. In politics, rhetoric is often used for deception. In leadership, it can be used for manipulation or for gaslighting your colleagues into an existential crisis. But rhetoric can be positive if it’s used with less malevolent intention. You can tap the principles […]

Shape People’s Perceptions To Boost Your Career

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If the said tree fell but was not perceived by a single (or many) conscious beings, did it even happen? Is there evidence to convince someone that the tree made noise—or is the audible act […]