How to Control Your Elite Executive Interview

Good Golly, Miss Molly—here we go again with more content about interview preparation.  I’ve previously belabored my disdain for generic intel about interview preparation in an earlier article—but now, ChatGPT is quickly picking off the low-hanging competition for any SEO-friendly content that spouts the obvious interview advice of “RESEARCH THE COMPANY.”  Since everyone suddenly has […]

Techniques to Command Conversation for Interview Wins

Today I offer a shrewd interviewing and life leadership mantra. If used with precision, you’ll get anything you want faster. If used carelessly, you will be overbearing and arrogant.  Sorry, Simon Sinek. While I agree that leaders eat last—when you need to get a job—leaders must go first.  More specifically, leaders must lean into their […]

Be Assertive and Command Executive Interviews

Big surprise, I have a problem with how most career education and best practices propagate. Shallow and overtly generic career advice blasts from an influencer’s cozy LinkedIn soapbox in a highly transactional manner to stir controversy and pump vanity metrics. More specifically, sweeping generalizations such as… … and other over-simplified solutions misfired at highly complex […]

Advanced Tactics to Dominiate Executive Interviews

I’d like to acknowledge what I consider to be interviewing table stakes—because there is a lot of generic information about interviewing. This is not another one of those posts. Let’s hop to it. (1) Research. Know about the company and the role you’re vying for.(2) Awareness. Know if your expertise is valuable and how to […]