4 Shocking Ways Leaders Bring Their Own Downfall

A c-suite executive client gave me a ring from a payphone in San Francisco to fulminate on mistakes that destroy executive careers.  Clearly, he knows his audience. During our chinwag, we couldn’t help but write today’s edition of Execs and the City.  Funnily, the lion’s share of the conversation centered around:  “How damn stupid are […]

Conquer Your Executive Insecurities With Confidence

We’re all insecure about something. And yes, that means you too. I thought it was just me (and maybe you thought it was just you). Then I thought it was the managers. Then directors. Then, funnily enough, it turned out to be vice presidents. Then the c-suite and founders. Then I thought, maybe it was […]

The 7 Habits of Highly Toxic Companies

My mission is simple. I want more people to love what they do. Odds are, you’d like to love what you do, too. We need to create work environments that help one another feel truly happy and safe to accomplish this. We cannot feed or allow toxic behavior to fester. Sometimes we may not recognize […]

Why Your Success Feels Empty To You

Let’s be blunt. It feels good to be wanted. To feel desired. To be pursued. To feel valued. An attractive person takes an interest in you—with a flirty smirk, a kind gesture, or a sweet gift. Hehehe. Are they looking over here? Hehehe. The attention feels good. I haven’t been checked out like this in […]