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Three Inspiring Failure-To-Success Stories You May Not Have Heard Before


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Aman Naimat

Chief Executive Officer - Regrello

Jacob is among the most insightful executives and business leaders I’ve met. My discussions with Jacob have been a game-changer.

Bobby Edmundowicz

Chief Revenue Officer - Gelato

Jacob was the first (and only) executive coach I have worked with. His candor and approach was refreshing and his coaching always pushed me to push myself. I encourage any executive to work with him. You will have a great time engaging with him!

Michelle Bockman

Chief Executive Officer - KeraLink

Jacob helped me figure out what I wanted to do next in my career, then focused on how to execute towards those goals. He is a trusted advisor who helped me consider all alternatives. I continue to pull him in when I am confronted with a situation where he can help.

Gordon Atkin

VP, Technology - Salsify

Jacob is a phenomenal advisor, advocate, and coach for anyone in a key leadership role. The expertise and services that he offers are of high quality, fair, and practical. His advice is on target and relevant, and he will help you achieve the outcomes that you seek. I’ve experienced the success of winning with Jacob, and I highly recommend his services to anyone contemplating working with him.

Angela Sherrer

VP, Legal - Walmart

Jacon is top-notch. The process might sound intimidating, but Jacob makes it easy. He knows many C-Suite executives and understands different types of job markets. Jacob provides information on how you compare to other similarly-situated professionals and helps you position yourself for new opportunities.

Jignashu Parikh

Director, Engineering - Snap

Jacob is an amazing coach and adviser! He asks thoughtful questions and is a keen listener. He brings his extensive network and experience during the process which makes the entire experience rewarding. He helped me navigate through a career transition leading to a very successful outcome.

Tammy Aguillon - Executive Revenue Leader

Tammy Aguillon

Executive Revenue Leader

Jacob is a firestarter. He’s supported me in framing the arc and zigzags of my career to date, and distilling it into a clear narrative. He’s also an incredible ally, tough love coach, and seer of blind spots and hidden opportunities. Work with him.

Jean-Paul Bonjour

Director, Engineering - Netflix

Jacob is a great executive strategist and mentor. I reached out while navigating a challenging period for my start-up. Jacob provided solid feedback and strategy for how to properly navigate next steps. He spent extra time getting to know me and gave me practical suggestions on how to best represent my brand, negotiate, and focus on what is most important to me. His coaching is one of the best investments I have made for my career.

Jenelle Champlin

Operations Executive

I would highly recommend Jacob to any executive getting ready to go through the negotiation process for a new position. His understanding of the ever-changing job environment coupled with his ability to understand organizational dynamics proved invaluable as I was recently navigating the decision to move to a new opportunity.

Jacob was able to help me understand my value proposition and provide me both the support and confidence I needed to ensure I was making the best decision for myself professionally.

Bruno Bergher

VP Product - Metabase

Jacob was instrumental in helping me negotiate my compensation from a non-zero-sum, everything-is-on-the-table, empathetic perspective, which put me in an excellent position. He was able to do all of that because of his empathy, experience and industry knowledge, all which were priceless.

If you’re unsure about what “forward” means in your career or if you do know but could use help getting and negotiating the right role for you, Jacob is your guy.

Claudia Eberhagen

Strategic Customer Engagements (AWS)

Jacob is a passionate career coach who genuinely cares for his customers and setting them up for success. I highly recommend Jacob to help expand your career strategy, prepare you for interviews and contract negotiations.

Mary Piontkowski

Head of Product Design, Cisco Meraki

Jacob is a pleasure to work with. I’ve seen him work with a range of executives across different fields. His coaching instills confidence during transitions and periods of uncertainty and/or growth. Jacob knows how to ask the right questions and shape impactful offer negotiations. I’d absolutely recommend him to professionals looking to level up their careers.

Will Thomas

General Manager - Tribe AI

Jacob did an exceptional job as a negotiation coach. He added value upfront before I was even a client by giving great personal advice and investing time into our relationship. On the negotiation front, he helped me strategically manage two competing offers and get clear on the outcomes and asks I needed to make for each one to work for me. The end result was a six-figure increase and title bump at a company I’m passionate about. Definite recommend.

Chelsey Langan

VP of Revenue - Elation Health

A handful of people I have met throughout my years have profoundly impacted my life, and Jacob Warrick tops my list! His direct communication, experience, professionalism, insight, coaching, and guidance masterfully stewarded me through an incredible process that resulted in an ideal outcome!

Kellan Folkers

Head of Sales - AmDocs

I’d like to point out Jacob’s expertise and smarts in everything business-psychology / persuasion related. He is an expert negotiator and I’ll be shocked if I meet anyone that ever tops him in this domain.


VP, Marketing - $8B/Yr - Computer Software

I had the pleasure of working with Jacob recently for interview preparation and negotiation support for my first VP level position. I had struggled with confidence in executive-level interviews in the past, but Jacob’s guidance and expertise helped me tremendously.

Jacob was always available to help me prepare for each interview and negotiation conversation, and his insight and advice were invaluable. With his guidance, I was able to confidently position myself for the role, and ultimately secure my first 7-figure job, as well as negotiate a significant $165,000/yr cash increase.

If you’re looking for expert guidance and support with interview preparation and offer negotiation, I highly recommend Jacob.