The Power of Authenticity When Negotiation Goes Wrong

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👋🏻 Jacob here.

Last week, I shared the story of an executive who lost a $500k/yr job offer due to misguided negotiation advice from an overpriced coach. The situation seemed dire, but with the right approach, we turned it around.

The key? Authenticity and ownership.

I advised the executive to have a candid conversation with the hiring team. No games, no posturing – just an honest, collaborative discussion about what happened and how to move forward.

By owning the missteps and approaching the situation with transparency, the executive demonstrated their leadership and integrity. This authenticity struck a chord with the hiring team, and the once-rescinded offer was revived.

High-stakes negotiations are not about aggressive tactics or anchoring techniques. They’re about understanding the human dynamics at play and fostering trust through sincere communication.

There’s a lot of nuance given any situation—and every situation is entirely unique. Be mindful when approaching any negotiation with rules, frameworks, or written scripts. They may not apply to your situation.

When you lead with authenticity, you create space for real problem-solving and mutually beneficial outcomes. That’s the true art of negotiation.

Executives, remember: your most powerful tool in any negotiation is your authenticity.

Wield it wisely, and watch as seemingly impossible challenges transform into opportunities for success.

Congratulations to the executive who shared their story with me. Here’s to your next adventure and maximizing the opportunity in front of you. 

Stay fearless, friends. 

See you next week.

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