Defining Your Own Narrative is the Ultimate Executive Power Move

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👋🏻 Jacob here.

Have you ever worried about what someone is thinking about you? Don’t lie to me.

Every noteworthy executive has a reputation—whether positive or negative—and whether by choice or dumb luck.

Too often, we worry about what others think of us, forgetting a crucial truth: they aren’t thinking of us.

It’s always up to you to ensure you are top of mind and for the right reasons.

This isn’t a cue for despair but an invitation to take command.

Your focus shouldn’t be on silencing the cacophony of judgments but on telling people what to think about you.

And doing it over and over and over again until the reputation sticks.

In your career — your power doesn’t lie in waiting for validation; it’s in defining your narrative.

You must pivot from concern over external validation to mastering your narrative and what people think about you.

This is why networking is so powerful to those who have mastered it. They command the narrative.

By consistently reinforcing your message, you turn the tables: instead of worrying about being judged, you set the standards by which you’re evaluated.

The objective isn’t to control every thought but to ensure that when you’re thought of, the message is unmistakably yours, resonating with the authority you desire.

Tell others not just who you are but who you aspire to be, and do so with such consistency and conviction that it becomes the only narrative that matters.

In embracing this shift, you’re not just navigating the professional sphere with greater agency; you’re reshaping it.

Stay fearless, friends. 

See you next week.

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