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Get personal attention and tailored coaching specific to your circumstances, needs, goals, and style. Receive on-demand access throughout each phase of your negotiation.

Jacob empowers you to unlock your full potential and supercharge your career through masterful conversations that leverage the principles of negotiation strategy, stoicism, and cutting-edge behavioral psychology.

With thousands of negotiations under his belt, Jacob has the expertise to help you stay ahead of the curve and dominate the competition. He’s negotiated more than $100 million in added income for his clients.

Access knowledge from 3500+ global executive experiences. From all functions, sizes, and backgrounds.

Accelerate your job search. Shaving just four weeks off your next move secures $35k+ in compensation.

Negotiate a more intentional future and seize every opportunity. Navigate your career with elite confidence.

Get salary intel, remove emotion, and negotiate with assurance. Clients have won more than $100 million in additional compensation.

Focus on what matters, build career-defining habits, take action, and celebrate your progress.

Get expert guidance on high-stakes career decisions. Share the real you, confidentiality, and without judgment.