Jacob Warwick

A master at crushing what holds you back and the ultimate force in high-stakes negotiations.

Jacob Warwick

Jacob Warwick is a visionary executive career strategist and master negotiator with a proven track record of transforming the careers of over 3,500 leaders and securing more than $100 million in annual compensation increases.

As a high-tech marketing executive from Silicon Valley and former CEO of Discover Podium, Jacob leverages his extensive experience to provide unparalleled strategic guidance to entrepreneurs, executives, and celebrities.

His holistic approach, exceptional people psychology skills, and keen understanding of human behavior make him the go-to partner for those seeking to elevate their careers and achieve unparalleled success.

Master Essential Techniques to Advance Your Career Successfully

Transformative Career Coaching:
  • Helped over 3,500 leaders secure new roles.
  • Negotiated more than $100 million in annual compensation increases.
  • High-tech marketing executive in Silicon Valley.
  • Former CEO of Discover Podium, a pioneer in providing agents for executives.
  • Deep startup, mid-size, and Fortune 500 experience across most industry verticals and functional executive leadership positions. 
  • International and global experience with diverse clientele across 6 continents.
  • Focuses on all aspects of professional development: branding, positioning, interview preparation, negotiation, and public speaking.
  • Empowers clients to understand their true value beyond performance metrics.
  • Centers work around the hidden drivers fueling top executives, including achieving personal, professional, and financial freedom. 
  • Recognizes patterns and nuances that others miss.
  • Utilizes exceptional people psychology skills to guide clients through career advancement complexities.
  • Leads with strategies rooted in scientifically backed behavioral psychology and the tenants of influence, persuasion, and leadership.
  • Excels in understanding human behavior and intent.
  • Crafts winning strategies that drive clients’ success with straightforward, no-nonsense guidance.
  • Offers deep guidance on low, medium, and high risk negotiation and what to expect from each critical decision point. 
  • Sought-after keynote speaker and author of “Execs and the City” column.
  • Featured in prestigious publications like Forbes, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur.
  • Provides a visionary, Mr. Miyagi-like approach.
  • Reveals unseen insights and navigates hidden lessons from wins and losses.
  • Focuses on achieving outcomes efficiently for each individual client vs. a one-size-fits-all approach. 
  • Helps clients build a sustainable “flywheel” of success.
  • Guides clients to command the room and achieve their dream careers.

Master the Art of Negotiation: Don't Settle for Less Than You Deserve

Jacob Warwick is a master at crushing what holds you back and the ultimate force in high-stakes negotiations. His tactical strategies and unwavering commitment to your success make him an unstoppable ally for elite professionals who refuse to settle. With Jacob in your corner, you gain access to proven strategies that shatter expectations so you can rest assured that you will get what you deserve on the negotiating battlefield.

Investing your time in Jacob Warwick is, without a doubt, the best decision you can make for your success.

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