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Jacob Warwick is the leading authority on influence, persuasion, and negotiation for high-performance executives, entrepreneurs, and celebrities.

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Jacob Warwick has transformed the careers of over 3,500 leaders. With keen insight into human behavior and exceptional people psychology skills, he provides no-nonsense guidance to navigate your career complexities.

Jacob crafts winning negotiation strategies by breaking patterns, challenging precedents, and leveraging nuances others miss to drive your success.

Jacob Warwick Coaching, Founder & Negotiation Strategist
Jacob Warwick Founder & Negotiation Strategist

Jacob Warwick

Executive Coaching, Founder & Negotiation Strategist

Jacob is the tactical mind behind ThinkWarwick’s wins in negotiation and game-planning. With a track record of navigating through the rough waters of high-stakes negotiation and strategic foresight, he’s the ace up the sleeve for those aiming to clinch deals and carve out winning strategies. Jacob’s approach is about more than just winning the next deal; it’s about setting up a winning streak, empowering executives to push boundaries and exceed their own expectations.

"You better hope your competition isn't using Jacob."

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“Jacob is a firestarter. He's supported me in framing the arc and zigzags of my career to date, and distilling it into a clear narrative. He's an incredible ally, tough love coach, and seer of blind spots and hidden opportunities. Work with him.”

Tammy Aguillon
VP, Sales - Docusign

You crush it when negotiating for the company, for your employees, for everyone but you…

That’s because it's impossible to know your real value without an objective coach who will break through the self-imposed obstacles that hold you back.

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