Relatable Public Speaking

Marketing advice and experiences from over a decade in high growth Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 500 organizations.

Content Marketing

Whether creating content, managing internal and external teams, or organizing effective content strategies, Jacob has done it and has insider knowledge that captivates marketing audiences.

Social Media

From his Fortune 500, tech startup, and marketing agency background, Jacob can share social media management tips and advice that large audiences can relate with.


As an entrepreneur and supportor of the self-starter community, Jacob is well versed to humbly share his authentic experiences and inspire the next generation of business owners.

Jacob’s speaking performed as a seasoned expert in the field would, and was one of the most popular speakers of the day due to his combination of deep understanding of social media as well as his friendly personality. I would highly recommend Jacob for any organization or event.

Neal Schaffer

CEO, Maximize Your Social

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