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Find a Purpose for Your Social Presence

Being active on a multitude of social media channels can be an excellent tactic when building your brand, monitoring your online presence, and influencing sales; however, many companies still have a social presence for the sole purpose of just “being there” and fail to use these channels to generate measurable results that align with their business goals.

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Keeping Your Brand Reputation Safe Through a Crisis

Every brand should prepare for a moment when something goes wrong—with the current speed of information, bad news can spread very quickly. A recent product flop, a dissatisfied customer, an executive who unexpectedly quit, or perhaps a tweet taken out of context, any of these factors, and more, could adversely affect your organization no matter how careful your team has been.

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How Exceptional Branding Bridges Online and Offline Experiences

Top companies often find marketing success by creating omni-channel campaigns that appear seamless across all of their channels. While this is no easy task, take a look at the branding tactics that Sephora, NastyGal, Harry’s, Virgin Airlines, and Chobani have used to build global brands across their properties and apply these lessons to your efforts.

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