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Success Stories

Jacob helped me refine my interview strategy during my last job search. I’m fortunate to have added him to my executive support network.

Kim Lenox

VP, Product Design, Zendesk

Jacob is a great executive strategist and mentor. His coaching has been one of the best investments I have made for my career.

Jean-Paul BonJour

Manager, Studio Engineering, Netflix

Jacob gave super helpful, clear, and actionable direction when I needed it. His concern and interest in helping is genuine and sincere and infects the rest of his team.

Steve Rubinstein

COO, Confiant

Jacob is a terrific advisor and coach, and a strong and passionate leader. I’ve been impressed with Jacob’s deep understanding of the tech domain, and of his knowledge across a breadth of functions including—but not limited to—product management, marketing, operations, and strategy.

I’m truly grateful for his counsel.

Clare Barrins

Head of Strategy & Business Development, Apple

Jacob helped me negotiate my dream job in tech. His responsiveness and expertise in navigating the toughest career decisions was exactly what I needed. He’s a trusted partner that I’ll work with for many years to come.

Eliot Johnson

Director, Global Marketing, Micron Technology

Jacob and his team are true professionals. They are not surface-level experts—they take the time to understand you and where you want to go. They elevated how I view my experience and enriched my narrative with strategic and action-oriented work. They helped boost my confidence to attract compelling opportunities.

Beatriz Datangel

Head of Marketing, Resilience

Jacob is one of the most insightful business leaders I’ve met recently. He is able to distill ideas, technology, and complexity to its simple core. My discussions with him have been a game-changer.

Aman Naimat

CTO, Demandbase

Jacob is a great partner, empathetic, and fun to work with. He listens well, is candid about what he thinks is most effective, and challenges you to play big. He is focused with great follow through.

Sumati Stewart

Head of Business Development, Amazon

Jacob is a visionary and an extraordinary leader. He has been an inspiring presence throughout my career in the US. He understands exactly how to show up for the people in his orbit in the most empowering way.

Some leaders might have a hard time with execution, but not Jacob: he can create the vision and translate big ideas into action. He makes colleagues and partners feel valued, elevated, and inspired.

His charisma is grounded in kindness and compassion. I’ve been impressed with the vision Jacob has brought to our business partnership and to a myriad of organizations throughout his career.

Noemi Vegh, PhD

Founder, Vega Partners

Jacob helped me to position, negotiate, and realize a challenging career transition from Apple in Silicon Valley to Qualtrics in Salt Lake City. His advisory supported one of the best decisions in my career.

Ana Frazao

Sr. Director, Qualtrics

Jacob does business in a non-transactional way, listens to truly understand, and offers highly impactful advisory. These key factors strongly differentiate him from the competition. I had a great experience working with him.

Romain Ramora

Head of Data Science, Cisco

Jacob brings unique magic and experience to every project. He is a diamond in the rough, a needle in a haystack, the sharpest tools in the shed … yeah, he’s that incredible.

Joe Griffin

CEO, ClearVoice

Jacob did an excellent job helping me prepare for the next step in my career. I recommend him to anyone looking to up the ante on their job search.

Amber Hameed

VP, Global Marketing Strategy, Universal Music Group

The process might sound intimidating, but Jacob makes it easy. He knows many C-Suite executives and understands different types of job markets. Jacob provides information on how you compare to other similarly-situated professionals and helps you position yourself for new opportunities.

Angela Dougan Sherrer

Sr. Director, Legal, Twitter

The impact Jacob had in helping me determine the best professional path forward was absolutely remarkable.

From our first conversation, he was able to pick up on my values and ask the hard questions which forced me to prioritize my wants and decide what to do next in my career.

Next, he was instrumental in helping me negotiate my compensation from a non-zero-sum, everything-is-on-the-table, empathetic perspective, which put me in an excellent position. 

If you’re unsure about what “forward” means in your career or if you do know but could use help getting and negotiating the right role for you, Jacob is your guy.

Bruno Bergher

VP, Product, Metabase

Jacob helped me to not only completely overhaul my resume but crystallize the direction I wanted my career to take during a critical juncture. He is knowledgeable, efficient and a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

Heather Zulawski

Executive Director, Comcast

Jacob is exceptional when it comes to seeing talent and finding the right fit. He has an eye for quickly understanding a person’s ‘secret sauce’ and helping them articulate that unique value.

Susie Tomenchok

Founder, Inturri Consulting


As a go to market executive that leads with integrity and compassion for all stakeholders—I’m driven by an entrepreneurial dynamic of candor and innovation, never shying away from tough challenges.

Recently, I built a 7-figure career services firm that has helped over 1500 leaders find more fulfilling work. My focus is on building the smartest way for individuals to manage their career and love what they do.

Previously, I worked as a marketing leader with high-growth software companies, including AppBuddy, ClearVoice, Skedulo, Sprout Social, Under Armour Connected Fitness, Uber, LinkedIn, Xerox, and Percolate.

I’ve authored more than 100 articles for Forbes, Entrepreneur, ADWEEK, Fast Company, INC., and ghostwritten in publications such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and others.

I am driven by boundless intellectual curiosity, sharing engaging experiences to inspire lifelong learning, and a positive ‘bias-for-action’ outlook on life. I also love public speaking, guest lecturing, and mentoring.

Outside of work, my wife and I enjoy road trip adventures around our beautiful country with our dog, Cooper. We value experiences to possessions and lead a life of faith. We can connect through LinkedIn.

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